Juniper trees rooted on the sloping hillside are silhouetted against the dawn sky. They appear on dimensional like black paper cut outs. The sky gives no sense of depth either. The white light of the morning star and quarter moon are punched out of midnight blue that graduates to orange along the horizon. A western tanager sings it’s robin-like song, as if to coax the sun to rise just a little quicker.

sunrise at Lava Beds NP

8 thoughts on “Silhouette”

  1. Wow that’s so amazing! Great shot. Good morning world! True definition of peace. Do tell of your adventures on your birding expo you’re on now and hiking through the lava beds. Something most of us never will have an opportunity to do. I hear you might be taking donations for new shoes. HaHa!
    Stay safe on your latest trek. Love, Sis.

  2. I am enjoying your prose and poetry. Thanks for sharing yourself with us, Claudia. You are an inspiration.


  3. Hi Claudia,
    Finally found the time to really look through your whole blog. Spectacular photographs and a pleasure to read all your observations. Beautiful writing! Thank you. I had a Pigmy owl here too a few years ago – the persistent call got my attention.
    It was spring here – then 30″ of heavy snow last week & 26 degrees!
    The gardens are finally starting to come back. Today it was around 80 degrees in Boulder.
    Looking forward to your next post.
    Happy trails

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